What Cross Should I Buy For A Baptism?

What Cross Should I Buy For A Baptism?

Baptismal Crosses: A Traditional and Lasting Gift

When preparing for a child's baptism, it is traditional for godparents to purchase a Triantos Gold Cross with an accompanying chain for the infant. The cross, blessed by the church on the day of the baptism, is a cherished item that the child will have for their entire life.


Traditional vs Modern Orthodox Christian Crosses

Throughout the centuries, Christian crosses have evolved into many variations, each characterized by its unique shape and embellishments. While it is not a requirement to get a traditional Orthodox cross for a baptism, it is a lovely tribute to the Orthodox faith. The choice is ultimately up to the godparent

Orthodox Latin crosses

The church accepts all crosses, including more modern styles. The choice is that of the godparent. Shop Online.


Metal Choice for the Cross

There is no specific metal required for a baptismal cross, and it can be made of gold, silver, or platinum. Gold is the most popular choice as it is the most malleable precious metal and does not oxidize or corrode over time. Silver is softer and more prone to scratching, while platinum is also a durable option. Ultimately, the best choice is something that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Yellow or White Gold Cross

Yellow gold crosses are beautiful on all skin tones, but particularly complement olive and darker skin tones. White gold is stronger and more durable and looks beautiful on all skin tones, particularly fair and rosy skin tones. The decision ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Yellow Gold

We often think of yellow gold as being pure, the yellow gold used for jewelry is an alloy combination made by combining pure gold with other metals. Yellow gold crosses look nice on anyone, they are particularly beautiful when contrasted with olive and darker skin tones. A lovely choice for modern and vintage-inspired styles.

White Gold 

White gold is known to be stronger and more durable, meaning it is less susceptible to scratching. It consists of an alloy combination of gold and a white metal to give it that white tone. White gold crosses look nice with all skin tones but are particularly complementary to fair and rosy skin tones. A lovely choice for a modern, cool, sophisticated look.


Engraving the Cross

Consider adding a personal touch to the cross by having it engraved with something meaningful, such as the child's name, birthdate, or the date of the Christening. This will make the cross even more special and memorable.



Comparison Shopping

Crosses can vary greatly in price, depending on factors such as brand, store, and level of elaboration. Be sure to compare shops and make an informed decision. Triantos Crosses are hand-made and crafted by the finest designers in Athens, Greece, and always feature the Triantos logo as a guarantee of authenticity. Shop online for convenience and ease. 

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