Greek Orthodox Baptismal Checklist

Greek Orthodox Baptismal Checklist

Triantos Crosses Baptismal Checklist for Orthodox baptism

Planning a baptism involves many steps, Triantos Crosses Canada/USA has created a Greek Orthodox Baptismal Checklist to be used as a guide throughout the process. Follow the checklist or continue reading for additional information.


Choosing the godfather or godmother: This individual must be a devout and practicing Orthodox Christian. If the sponsor is married, his or her marriage must have been blessed in the Orthodox Church. Since the infant is unable to make the necessary confession of faith, the godparent stands in the child’s place and speaks on their behalf.

Proof of Christianity: The following paperwork, for the godparents and the parents, is generally needed to be submitted to the church before the date of the baptism:

  • For the Godparents 
    • A copy of his/her Ecclesiastical Marriage Certificate, if applicable
    • A copy of his/her Ecclesiastical Divorce, if applicable
    • A copy of his/her Baptismal Certificate (If you can not find your baptismal certificate, a certificate of
  • For the parents 
    • Application for Baptism or Chrismation. This will include information about what parish you were married and by what priest. You may need to provide proof of your marriage.

Choosing a name: According to the Tradition of the Orthodox Church, one name of Orthodox Christian origin must be given to the child at the time of baptism. 

Booking the Church: Call the church office to discuss the day, time, and other arrangements with the priest well in advance. Be aware that the busiest season for baptisms is spring throughout summer. It is also advisable for the parents and godparent to meet with the priest once to discuss details of the sacrament. People normally donate from $25 to $200 to the priest that is performing the baptism. The dollar amount depends on multiple factors. Some of these include whether or not he has taken extra time to specially prepare for the baptism or if the baptism is a private event. An alternative to tipping the priest is giving money to the church where the baptism is being held.

Shopping list: The godfather or godmother must provide the following items:

  • Triantos Crosses Gold Cross
  • A complete change of clothes for the child:
    • white baptismal dress/ pantsuit/ outfit,
    • inner shirt or onesie
    • Shoes 
    • Bonnet 
  • Two small white candles
  • one large white candle (also known as the Lambatha, a baptismal candle should be larger or at least more ornate)
  • One bottle of olive oil
  • One bar of soap
  • One small white hand towel
  • One large white bath towel
  • One small white crib sheet
  • Greek Orthodox Witness Pins ( martirikia: custom-made baptismal pins pinned on guests signifying they witnessed the Sacrament, one per guest)

Nicene Creed: The godparent baptizing the baby should be ready to recite the Nicene Creed either in Greek or English. This is done three consecutive Sundays after the baptism, and the newly baptized infant should be taken to the Holy Altar to receive Holy Communion each time.  

Christening Favors (boubounieres): The Bomboniere is a bag/box containing candies also known as “favors.” They are gifts given by the hosts to their guests. Thus, each guest leaves the celebration with a sweet taste in their mouth and a pleasant memory. There should be one for each family invited.  

Optional for the parents: Gifts should not be expected by a godparent, however, it is custom for the parents to give them a gift. Some examples include silver jewelry or an engraved frame with a picture are appropriate to give. You are most likely close to the godparents of your child, so think of something that they would enjoy as a token of appreciation. 


if you're interested in knowing more about what these items represent check out our post Familiar Symbols Used in a Baptism


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This was very helpful. However, we did skew a little from the all-white baptismal gown. Ours had a little pink bow to match the decorative candle theme. I referred back to this link a few times, it was very useful!


Super helpful! I used this checklist for baptizing and it really came in handy. It’s hard to remember everything and this list set me in the right direction!


Best experience ever! Good quality gold! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Super comprehensive and complete! A good go to for tonnes of info!

Jen Bray

This is very helpful. Thank you.

Aris Giannopoulos

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